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When it comes to marketing , it quickly becomes very confusing to understand what is what. What is communication design? Isn’t it the same as graphic design? Or does one belong to the other?

We see many instances where people get confused about the different terms, and not without reason! A little search on the internet is enough and you will get lost between the different definitions and opinions about marketing

We at Vapanana are confronted with these terms every day, because they are our daily bread. So let’s talk about communication design today.

Back to the roots: design

People have always used design to communicate with each other and with future generations. The oldest known design comes from Indonesia and is around 45,000 years old! You see, the story didn’t start yesterday!

Design can be used for different purposes, either to express purely creative ability as in art, science as in engineering, or communication as in marketing . These currents of design have been greatly influenced by the development of technology. And as technology changed, so did the names we gave them.

From the newspaper to the television to the Internet and its devices – they all brought with them a new art of communication through design.

The difference between communication design and graphic design

Sometimes the best way to define something is to compare it to what it is most often confused with. Communication design is the big tree that includes graphic design. The design of pure forms is graphic design, whereas communication design designs and uses visual elements to strategically convey certain information. It’s about relying on the sender and the receiver and using a design powered by the right communication.

Communication design is about creating or adopting a strategy to create the best designs and make the most of them to reach the most engaged customers in the best possible way. It includes knowledge of the market, target groups, development of marketing strategies, development of different designs and psychological understanding.

Communication design for everyday life

A communication designer has an understanding of the target group. There are situations where sarcasm can be used, while in other cases direct information is the best option. Long or short texts, the color mix, the layout, the timing, the shapes…everything matters. Communication design is an integral part of our daily lives as humans. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, the world around us communicates with us in some way.

At Vapanana , we make sure that people accept a company and a company its people. We design to communicate and we communicate to design and to achieve the best. You can find out more about our services by clicking on the button.


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