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We do Marketing!

Your marketing skills are not great or you don’t have time for marketing?
We know how important marketing is!

Your social media channel has no followers or no interaction? Or you don’t have an account yet? We should talk!

You have problems winning customers or your product just doesn’t sell? Rethink your marketing strategy! You don’t have a strategy? Then you should contact us urgently.

You want to go digital but don’t know how? We can help you from A-Z.

You want to do everything yourself? No problem, we’ll give you a crash course and you can get started.

You want to put your marketing or part of your marketing in professional hands? We are the right partner for you.
We take over the areas of digital marketing, the development of a concept and a strategy and help you to build up your own knowledge in marketing.

Before you even start with content, you should have a concept and strategy for your marketing. This is the roadmap for all further measures. Here we also identify which marketing measures are best for your company.

Research is always part of marketing, no matter whether it is about current trends, the competition or current needs. For good marketing, you should know your own market very well and keep an eye on it.

Marketing relies a lot on data and analysis to understand which customers to target, which actions are successful and to measure success.

Do you need support here? Get in touch with us.

Digital marketing has become the main part of advertising. Whether social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, affilate marketing or banner marketing. You should definitely not miss out on this great reach. We develop a concept with you and take over the set-up or the complete support.

Of course, we also make business cards, flyers and posters, but also TV and radio commercials.

The aim of direct marketing is to address the customer directly and thus to bind them to the company. Product sales are secondary, it is more about customer loyalty.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s telephone calls, addressing customers via social networks or personal e-mail advertising. We support you.

Marketing should be measurable and evaluable. When it comes to topics such as conversion rate and clicks or traffic, we are happy to help you.

We support you with SEO (search engine optimisation) and implement common tools to check the reach.

Advertising through content arouses the interest of potential customers and shows that you know your stuff. For example, you can attract new customers with a blog or e-books. You don’t know how or simply need support? We are happy to help!

You would rather take care of your product or main business and not have much to do with the whole topic of marketing? No problem – we combine the different types of marketing, take care of the distribution and sell for you.

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Contact us and we will discuss with you how we can support you.